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Fusion FM-402 2х канальный морской усилитель

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В наличии
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Технические характеристики

  • Бренд Fusion


MS-AM402 2 Channel Marine Amplifier - 400W


Marine Grade Chassis
Stainless steel end caps and bottom plate provide a stunning finish with added environmental protection.

Heat Sink Technology
Heat sink technology transfers heat more efficiently and offers more thermal stability for maximum component reliability.

Class-AB Design
The 400 Watt 2-Ohm stable (per channel) design ensures clean and powerful amplification of the input signal,enough to rock the boat.

Conformal Coated Circuitry
Provides added protection from salt air and moisture to ensure maximum product life.

RCA Line Out
A pass through the RCA output enables linking of multiple amplifiers for enhanced system performance.

2 Channels
Capable of powering 2 speakers, a sub (bridged) or 4 speakers in parallel.

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